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Sam Thorpe

Producer | Artist | Composer

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Professional Strands

As a Producer and Mix/Mastering Engineer, Sam Thorpe works with a broad variety of media from Djent and Metal bands to Folk solo artists. Having studied Contemporary Music Production at degree level, Thorpe has accumulated experience and knowledge in audio manipulation to enhance projects to their greatest potential.

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Debut EP Steak Bake and a Latte, Please shows the diversity and skill of Sam Thorpe. The multi-instrumentalist is omnipresent in his work, writing, performing and producing every aspect of the EP aside from playing the drum parts he wrote - he's only got so many limbs, after all!


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Composition for television and film provides a string to Sam Thorpe's bow which allows him to explore the depths and breadth of emotion that can be conveyed by sound.
Thorpe's composition can be found in his sound library  here


Or you can contact his team here to enquire about composition uniquely for your project or campaign

Composition Library

Sam Thorpe



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Working With Sam


Below are testimonials from Sam Thorpe's clients and collaborators. To learn more about these projects, view Thorpe's varied                          .

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Max Saunders

                       (Junction Ten)

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"Sam Thorpe is a dedicated producer/engineer who will not waste your time. He is a delight to work with due to his masterful understanding of the studio, and his willingness to be flexible around your taste for music and personal sound. A true prodigy in the production world."

Max Kitching

(Session Guitarist)

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“Throughout my time working with Sam Thorpe, he has demonstrated the utmost level of professionalism and skill within his craft. His work as a producer has never failed to impress me; whether he is producing a song, playback tracks for live performance, or working live sound, he does so with ease. On top of this, Sam is a very capable multi-instrumentalist and performer who has experience playing various genres.

Working with Sam is always a very pleasant experience, as he understands the importance of arriving at a session on time, is capable of managing multiple endevours at once, and communicates efficiently. Most importantly, he is a very good-natured person who treats everyone with respect. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam Thorpe for any professional or academic position.”

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Richard Penn (Tricky Dicky)

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"Working with Sam is always a great experience. If you're a musician, artist, musical director or any music professional in general, Sam is the producer for you. As a highly experienced session bassist, he has a musician's mentality but the highly developed skillset of a producer and sound engineer. He has outstanding knowledge of studio recording techniques and the mix and mastering process. Sam is an all-rounded, versatile professional with an amazing work ethic."

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Fin Carson

(The White Lakes)

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"Sam Thorpe is not only a fantastic producer but a brilliant creator and motivator. What sets him apart from other engineers and producers I’ve worked with is his ability to add his own creative touch to songs while still staying within the artists vision. He also manages to get the best takes out of me and keeps me calm in the high pressure environment of recording."

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Joe Mylward

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"It was a pleasure to work with Sam on tracks over the last couple of years. He’s very supportive in and out of the studio and knows exactly how to get the best performance possible out of the musicians he works with alongside his excellent production skills making the track sound better than I could have imagined!"

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