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The Barn Session

The four covers above are raw acoustic covers played in an old grain store. After lockdown prevented busking, plans to really embrace singing were almost scrapped, but luckily Sam found a way to play around with some acoustic favourites (and, by popular demand, a kazoo solo) which was very true to his Norfolk roots.

This summery pop track from 17 year artist Ollie Moore was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Sam after a day in his Norfolk studio.

Alazia are a multi-nationality jazz group based in the UK. Sam Produced, mixed and mastered this debut EP, and wrote and played bass as well. This project was a challenge in using audio recorded at during lockdown with limited technology, as well as the necessitated use of MIDI drums in a natural, acoustic setting.

Barbarosa (Funky Knuckles Cover)Alex Hancox
00:00 / 05:55

Sam Thorpe produced this seven-piece funk cover for bassist Alex Hancox. This provided a valuable opportunity to practise horn section thickening techniques.

Flaneur (Plini Cover)Nejc Svajger
00:00 / 04:49
Spain (Chick Corea Cover)Nejc Svajger
00:00 / 04:50

Nejc Svajger is a talented Slovenian metal & jazz guitarist. These tracks were produced, mixed and mastered by Sam, and he also played bass on Flaneur.

Sam mixed and mastered tracks Be Free and Take a Break for Libby's debut nature-themed project.

Six Feet was written in lockdown 2020 by Ainé Deane, who recorded vocals on an iPhone before sending them to Sam to create a track around them!
Sam played all of the instruments, mixed and mastered this record.

What You Want Master copyJunction Ten
00:00 / 01:20
Dying for Your CompanyJunction Ten
00:00 / 01:18

Junction Ten are a young band from Guildford. The two demos here were recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Sam.

Paris (Guitar Solo)Joe Mylward
00:00 / 00:39

Here you can hear Sam's own music released on Spotify. Everything in these tracks was done by Sam, from writing to engineering, except for the live drum performances, which Sam wrote to be played by Richard Penn.

Joe Mylward was an early collaborator of Sam's. Having met in University Halls, the two quickly began working together, with Sam playing bass and backing vocals live for Joe, and providing much of the instrumentation and all of the production on these tracks.

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