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I used lockdown to build a studio
Come and have a look around!

As you can see, we have the space and means to accommodate a 3 or 4 piece group comfortably to record as a live session.

Larger projects can be tracked either individually or in stages - guide track and drums one day, guitars and vocals another, for example - to make sure you get the best results possible on a tighter budget!


Beyond recording capability, this space has been designed to suit the needs of a producer-artist relationship.

The layout of the space makes it easy to reach for guitars, basses, keyboards, and some more curious sound sources, or jump behind the kit to explore ideas and streamline the creative process so that no idea gets lost in translation!

By installing removable baffles in the windows, the studio can function as either an intimate, isolated room with programmable lighting (and, most importantly, a coffee machine) or it can be an open, light creative space in the open fields of rural Norfolk, with natural wood and considered acoustic treatment to offer a rich, desirable room tone for more spacial live recording.

Note: coffee is also available when the windows aren't baffled.

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